Sunday, December 04, 2005

please pray for HS mission trip plans for the spring

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Had a great meeting with Andy Kennedy--and a couple of our student leaders. He's a Southern Baptist missionary and parent of some younger kids in our school who is graciously helping to coordinate our trip. It was really neat to talk to Andy about the trip. He is really knowledgeable and very interested in helping us. He suggested a trip down the river that would take us to several towns on the huge island of Marajo (largest freshwater island in the world, size of Switzerland--the delta of the Amazon). He does not often get to go down to some of these towns because boat trips take so long and some of these towns don't have any (baptist) churches and perhaps any churches at all. This trip may also help in the process of laying some of the ground work for ministers like ones from the Word of Life seminary here who may choose to go down to do their internships in some of these towns. It is really neat to think about being a part of such a significant work in such remote places.
We also talked about what some of the ministry would look like. We talked about going to an elementary school each morning and working with the kids. We might share about American (or Canadian) or other cultures our kids are from (this is something our kids did today for their "English Day" fundraiser and plan to do again in the spring--so they should be prepped) and try to share the gospel there as well. Then in the early evenings, we could try something similar at the high school in the town and then go to the plaza where people congregate as there is not much else to do in the town and do some music or dramas to draw attention and then do short gospel presentations, these same things could even be repeated as the people tend to flow in and out. Topics we might deal with in skits might be some of the common struggles--alcoholism and the impact of sexual relationships outside of marriage. We may take along some things to give to the people, though he said sometimes groups bring so much it ends up being a problem and distraction to those who they minister to. He said perhaps children's and even adult clothes and of course Bibles we can purchase from the Bible Society would be great. Also, some have also put toys and tracks in empty water bottles and thrown to children along the banks for them to retrieve from the water.


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