Monday, October 10, 2005

AVA girls mentorship meeting

I (Karina) am glad to let you know that we have had a lunch party for the HS and JH girls! It was the first meeting of what I called a mentorship group. They had a great time together and it was so amazing to see that some of them have been longing for a safe place to talk about what is really going on. So, we will hopefully be meeting every other Friday or talk about life. The amazing part is that even after I told them how little patience I have, and how superficiality would not be allowed in our meetings, and how they had to be commited to this thing...they still did not back off.

As we went around and introduced ourselves some of the girls poured their hearts out. That my friends was such a blessing to me and the confirmation of the need for something like this.

Praise be to our God who uses broken vessels like us to be His hands, His voice of comfort, His feet.


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