Friday, June 17, 2005

Back in Texas

Well school's out and we're back in the states to attend prefield orientation (PFO--since we signed up in the middle of the year, this is the first one we could make it to) in Memphis. We're currently in Houston staying with my parents and visiting family (we have access to email and our number here is 713-455-2186, or check out "Call us for free" to call us for free on Skype). PFO is for two weeks starting on June 27th. We hope to meet with you and visit churches while we're here and also in Dallas in July. We'd love to get together with you. We were very thankful for how God worked this semester in our ministry at the school and the English service; however, as our prayer requests indicated it was not the easiest transition. We look forward to sharing with you personally about how God has been working and request your continued prayers as we head to Memphis for orientation and get a chance to discuss some of these field issues with the missions organization.


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